Creating and Sustaining Inclusive Classrooms through a Coaching Model

The continuing effort to create and sustain inclusive classrooms is an issue that engulfs the field of education to date. The continuing effort to find strategies and supports to facilitate this process is crucial to the success of inclusive schools. The purpose of this session is to discuss coaching, as a means of professional development. An 8-week case study will be discussed. Issues of access and equity are central to the field of special education. Although many educators are aware of the federal mandates of inclusion, students with disabilities continue to be segregated. Therefore, TASH members must continue to tackle the issues that surround inclusive schools and find ways to break down the barriers to ensure that all students are educated in the least restrictive environment. The anticipated goals and outcomes for this presentation are as follows:  • Participants will develop an understanding of how to use the principles of coaching, as a means of professional development, to create and sustain inclusive schools.   • Participants will examine the current fears and concerns teachers continue to have in the field and develop a framework on how to address these issues head on.  • Participants will develop a framework of evidenced based inclusive strategies that support the learning of all students in the least restrictive environment.

Trisha Nishimura