Creating a Model for Autism Screening and Diagnosis Through ASD Early STEP

The state of Virginia was awarded a grant from MCHB to improve the age of screening and diagnosis for children in Virginia through systematic training of professionals in effective practices. The ASD Early STEP (Autism Spectrum Disorder Early Systematic Training in Effective Practices) project has created a model for autism screening and diagnostic training for 3 communities in Virginia.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to: 1. Summarize the goals and objectives of the ASD Early STEP Project 2. Understand how community engagement and diversity of stakeholders is key to achieve project goals 3. Identify standardized and validated tools for autism screening and diagnosis 4. Understand how training professionals like physicians, early intervention providers, educators, military/health members, and families in the community in effective practices can help to lower the age of autism screening of children to 24 months and diagnosis to 36 months. 5. Understand how to implement a training model in multiple communities.