Conversations About Needed Job-Related Competencies for Individuals with Severe Disabilities: Rehabilitation Providers

The employment rates for individuals with disabilities, especially those with intellectual disabilities, have lagged far behind those of individuals without disabilities for years. A lack of job-related competencies and skill sets are often cited at the reason that individuals with disabilities are not finding success in gainful employment. However, there are many additional factors that effect services providers decisions about employment service provision. The three competencies that individual should leave this session with are: -understanding of best practices of job-related competencies for students with disabilities -knowledge of how to promote interagency collaboration to ensure that students with disabilities have the competencies that will allow them to receive supported employment services – the ability to discuss the challenges of job-preparedness for students with disabilities -what are the prerequisites that rehabilitation professionals look at when assessing the employability of individuals with severe disabilities -what individual and/or organizational factors (i.e. resources, funding, personal preparation, service area focus) effect rehabilitation professionals decisions about the employability of individuals with severe disabilities.