Comprehension Strategies for Including Students with Significant Support Needs in Core Content

The purpose of this presentation will be to share with teachers empirically-based comprehension strategies for students with significant support needs, including autism. Presenters will give examples of how the use of response prompting strategies and visual supports can be used across content areas to promote inclusive practices specific to increasing comprehension. By the end of this session, participants will be able to: a) identify two evidence-based practices for increasing comprehension for students with significant support needs, including autism; b) summarize literature-based examples of comprehension strategies in ELA, Math, and Science; c) explain how to use comprehension strategies in inclusive settings and with students from diverse backgrounds; d) evaluate how comprehension research can be bridged to practice and advocacy; and e) discuss how we can look towards the future by addressing lingering research questions.

Emily Sartini, Pamela Mims , , ,” ,