“Community-Based Nonwork” services in an Employment First environment

As disability policy increasingly prioritizes community-based day supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), there is new demand for supports for both integrated employment and community-based nonwork (CBNW) activities. This panel, including representatives from a university, a state agency, and a community rehabilitation provider, will examine how CBNW can enhance community participation of people with IDD while maintaining a focus on Employment First. As a result of this session participants will be able to: a) illustrate how the current national focus on community-based day supports requires states and community rehabilitation providers to realign their resources toward both improved integrated employment outcomes and increased community membership, including the use of innovative approaches to both work and nonwork supports. b) explain the potential roles of community-based nonwork (CBNW) supports in increasing community integration of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) c) describe how CBNW can both supplement and promote integrated employment outcomes. d) summarize recent efforts to promote quality CBNW supports, including how states are encouraging individualized CBNW, how CRPs are providing meaningful CBNW supports, and how current research efforts are examining promising approaches to CBNW.

Jennifer Sulewski