Citizen-Centered Leadership: Changing the Face of Community

What is “Citizen-Centered Leadership” and its relationship to our professional and personal roles? We will discuss this question in the context of citizenship through three critical ideals: that all people are born with gifts; that all people have the right to equal access to opportunities to explore and discover these gifts and that all people have the responsibility to give back to community.



1. Understand four distinct types of service cultures and explain the impact each culture has on promoting service-based or community-based opportunities and experiences

2. Identify examples from experience where they may have become complacent in their support or advocacy of a person

3. Explain the difference in potential outcomes in people’s lives when the focus is on active citizenship contribution and community engagement rather than on traditional disability service programs.

4. Define the difference of and the connection between John O’Brien’s Valued Outcomes; Community Tasks and; Service Accomplishments 5. Discuss strategies for utilizing existing resources and/or innovating new strategies that leverage valued social roles in community-based reciprocal relationships.