China: Moving towards a future for persons with disabilities

China, as a society, is moving forward slowly in services for persons with disabilities. Cultural views, policies, services, education, resources, and support for persons with disabilities and their families or caregivers are evolving. Current views and services must transcend a hidden/segregated approach and move towards inclusion in all aspects of society. I will share my story of what I have experienced in China. At the end of this session, participants will: 1) have an overview of services for children with disabilities in China; 2) have an overview of preparation for becoming a special educator or rehabilitation therapist in China; 3) understand the role of orphanages in housing children with disabilities who have been abandoned in China; and 4) understand the concept of generational time frames to compare and contrast the historical timeline of services for persons with disabilities in developed and western countries with the current and emerging timeline of services for persons with disabilities in China.