California Statewide Reform of Special Education Services: Input into Task Force Recommendations

The California SPED Reform Task Force’s five committees: Evidence based Practices/Service Delivery; Assessment and Accountability; Finance; Early Childhood, and Educator Preparation will finalize their recommendations in December, and these will be brought to TASH members for review, critique and discussion of their potential positive impact on California’s: funding to special education (47th) very poor LRE data (44th) and resulting low student performance outcomes (48th). .  1.Participants will be able to summarize Special Education Statewide Reform Task Force recommendations ( set to be completed and released in December 2014). 2. Participants from California and other states will discuss, respond to and critique Task Force Reform recommendations to improve both inclusive schooling access (LRE) and performance outcomes for CA students receiving special education.  3. Participants will be able to prepare and provide their personal written feedback on their recommendations to the state entities and the task force after the session.

Ann Halvorsen