Building Advocacy and Creating Access in a Time of Change

Building on previous work and research this presentation outlines the history of disability and disability rights in America, including access to education and inclusion for students with disabilities. Using a PechaKucha discussion format the presenter will discuss current practices in education for individuals with exceptionalities. Research by the presenter on building advocacy and access through teacher-preparation will be shared. Open discussion will follow. By the end of the session participants will better understand the history of access for students with disabilities in the educational setting. The participants will be able to acquiesce the critical perspective of inclusion and inclusive practices in the current school system/s as well as be able to compile ideas on potential interventions to evident systemic inconsistencies. The participants might relate to the stories shared during the opening PechaKucha discussion/ppt presentation and be moved to share during the discussion or with others in their community. The participants will gain knowledge and be able to discuss specific topics; they will be informed of research presented on the idea of building advocacy through teacher-preparation programs as well as fostering community knowledge and involvement. Lastly, the participants might be moved to express their own ideas/concerns related to the presentation ‘Building Advocacy and Creating Access in a time of Change’ and thus be able to build dialogue for inclusive practices in their communities.

Ashley Kruger