Blogging, Community, Activism

A personal account on how I started blogging, found support and acceptance in my community and how, as a non-speaking Autistic and multiply disabled woman, I found myself as a autism and disability rights activist, challenging predictions of a dire future and a passive, compliant life .


1. The participants will learn, or be reassured, that the presumption of competence should never be dependent on the perceptions from the outside, based on a deficit model of disability, including the ability to speak.

2. The participants will be able to take a closer view at what it takes for someone with many complex needs to blog and how activism through blogging happens.

3. The participants will have an insiders view of my life, how i think and why i surprise some people who expect my opinions to be in line with antiquated views, and how i don’t fit old stereotypes.

4. The participants will have a chance to ask questions and offer comments

Amy Sequenzia