Barriers to Autism and Mental Health Diagnosis, and Treatment for Minority Children

There are significant barriers for minority populations for autism diagnosis and treatment. There are also barriers to mental health services for these populations and African Americans in particular. When a child has mental health issues and autism the barriers to treatment are exacerbated Through a literature review specific barriers are revealed like cultural differences, lack of access, and a lack of cultural competency. As a result of this session, participants will: Discover the specific barriers to diagnosis of autism for minority children, and African American Children in Particular Discover the barriers to treatment for minority children with autism and mental health issues, and African American children in particular Explore the disparity of treatment options for children with autism and co-morbid mental health issues nationally and in Virginia including when a child with autism has a mental health crisis Learn what culture is and how culture can affect access to a diagnosis and access to treatment options How to be cultural competent providers, and recognize stereo types How to communicate with families in a culturally competent manner.

Shannon Haworth