An Introduction to Disability Pride, History and Culture

Many people say you can’t talk about the future without looking at your past. We look at important historical and cultural individuals, events and terms in the disability community. We introduce our audience to these topics using interactive activities. After this session, participants will be able to: i. Have an understanding of the terms albeism, ally, self-advocate, audism and Disability Pride. Knowledge of these terms will help individuals communicate within the disability community. ii. Have knowledge of the idea that disability is a beautiful and natural part of a person’s identity. People who are not allies or self-advocates will be able to take the first step into the disability community culture. For allies they will be able to look at their ableism and understand where they fit in the disabled community. A self-advocate will be able to see themselves with an understanding of disability pride. iii. Have some knowledge of historic events important to the disability community. Knowing the past helps anyone see the important steps needed in the future. iv. Be able to look at disability figures of today and know where they came from and why they are able to do what they do. This will give you the ability to analyze news from a self-advocate or allies perspective.

Paul Miller, Theresa  Squires, and Micah  Fialka-Feldman