Alternate Achievement Literacy in Inclusive Settings for Students with ASD and ID

The Center for Secondary Education of Students with Autism alternate achievement literacy instruction for students with ASD was developed to support inclusion and access to comprehending age appropriate, grade level texts in high school. The purpose of this session is to describe and show videos of strategies used to provide alternate achievement literacy in inclusive settings for high school students with autism and intellectual disability.

After this session participants will be able to:

  • • discuss the importance of students with ASD and ID learning comprehension of texts in natural contexts
  • • identify a variety of age appropriate high school texts to use to teach comprehension to students with ASD and ID
  • • embed alternate achievement literacy into inclusive classroom activities to support access for students with ASD and ID
  • • identify ways to modify texts for accessibility of students with ASD and ID
  • • apply a system of least prompts to increase reading comprehension of students with ASD and ID
  • • describe ways to support peer mediated instruction in inclusive settings for students with ASD and ID.

Diane Browder, Kathy  Fallin, Julie Thompson, and Caryn  Allison