Accessibility of the Common Core in Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms

Access to the new Common Core State Standards is a growing concern for educators who work with individuals with significant disabilities. This presentation will provide examples of lessons that demonstrate how students with disabilities can access CCSS based curriculum in inclusive elementary (K-5) and early childhood settings. This session will include sample lesson plans, videos of instruction, and student work samples. After this sessions, participants will be able to: Design lessons in the content areas (Science & Social Studies) at the elementary (K-5) level that allow students with disabilities to access the Common Core State Standards. Design lessons in the content areas (Science & Social Studies) that guide learners in early childhood setting to access curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards. Describe specific ways the Common Core State Standards can be made accessible to individuals with significant disabilities, by way of lessons in the content areas. Advocate for inclusive opportunities based on need for the access to the common core by providing concrete examples of quality lessons from elementary and early childhood classrooms that reach a diverse population of learners. Describe lessons that teachers could use to make the CCSS accessible for students with significant disabilities.

Meghan Cosier, Audri Gomez, Aja McKee, Colleen Derderian