A Meeting of the Minds: A Multiple Case Study Involving AAC

A Meeting of the Minds will examine a multiple case study involving how stakeholders who support children with limited communication abilities collaborate and form partnerships to enable the generalization of the communicative skills between the different settings and people.  Historically, there have been many obstacles to this collaboration.  This study provides concrete examples of strategies  which work to help all involved to “Be the Future.”    After this session, participants will be able to  a) summarize the different factors which have historically (and continue to) impacted teams of stakeholders (educators, speech and language pathologists, parents, private therapists) as they support a child with limited communication abilities, b) define the challenges associated with collaborating on a team of stakeholders when supporting a child with limited communication abilities, and c) explain successful strategies to ensure generalization of communicative skills occur across different settings and people.   d) discuss possible recommendations for future teams of stakeholders to ensure appropriate supports are provided for the child with limited communication abilities in all settings and with different people in the child’s life.

Gretchen Cole-Lade