A Home of My Own, How to Get There

In order to Be the Future, you need to understand the past. A panel will share their individual stories describing how they transitioned into a home of their own. Some moved from institutions, some from group homes, and some from their family home. Although the process is different for each person, there are certain philosophies we need to embrace as people step towards their future.

After this session, participants will be able to:

-Understand the planning process of transitioning into a home of one’s own.

-Understand how to develop the supports a person needs to live in their own home.

-Learn key elements in assisting people to have the life they want once they transition into a home of their own.

-Learn a variety of strategies and examples related to supported living, person centered planning and roles based planning.

Scott Shepard, Christopher Lin, Steve Schreiber, Melanie  Miles, José Perez, Tobias Bazan.