A Bridge Towards Success: An Integrative Model for Inclusion for ASD Students

Inclusion in a mainstream educational environment is important to create the conditions for success in later life for individuals with autism.  John Miller, a specialist with a decade of experience will examine the strategies and steps to make inclusion a less stressful and more rewarding experience. The speaker will examine pragmatics, executive functioning, organization, sensory and behavior issues.

1. Participants will learn the strategies needed to build a foundation that will foster success for students with high-functioning autism.

2.  Participants will learn the importance of advocating for students with high-functioning autism in an inclusion setting.

3.  Participants will learn the steps on how to more fully integrate students with high-functioning autism in an inclusive setting.  They will learn what behaviors and attitudes will foster acceptance.

4.  Participants will learn how to deal with behavioral issues and other obstacles towards inclusion ( i.e..; organization, executive functioning, pragmatic, anxiety among others).

5.  Participants will learn how inclusion works through real world experiences, based on the speaker’s experience as a teacher and an individual living with autism.

John Miller