25 Years of Self-Advocacy: the Past, Present, and Future of Project ACTION!

Project ACTION! celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. Its history is rich and thrilling. Hear personal stories from its members about how Project ACTION! has impacted their lives, how they work together to promote advocacy for all people with disabilities, and about their shared hopes for the coalition’s future.

  1. 1. Session participants with a disability will feel empowered by one of the nation’s oldest self-advocacy groups, prompting them to begin or join a self-advocacy group.
  2. 2. Session participants who do not have a disability will understand the importance and necessity of self-advocacy, which can be more powerful than advocacy from allies of people with disabilities.
  3. 3. Session participants will generate concepts of how to promote the betterment of all people with disabilities as we — a human family — collectively look to the future.
  4. 4. Session participants will be inspired to share the message and experiences of Project ACTION! to other people with disabilities who may not know that self-advocacy exists.

Bernard Crawford, Germaine Payne, Ricardo Thornton, Thomas Mangrum, Phyllis Holton, Rebecca Salon