Plan Ahead for the #2014TASHconf

With over 400 sessions offered at this year’s conference, we’re trying our best to prepare you for your conference experience. TASH continues its tradition of offering a broad range of conference sessions. In addition to our tradition, we’ve added TASH Talks, Town Halls, and even Capitol Hill Day to this year’s conference program.

In order to perfectly customize your conference experience, we encourage your to plan ahead. In order to do so, we’ve created a navigational video to help visitors trek through the endless amount of content on our website AND we’ve published our conference program (the printed version) ahead of time. Note: The printed version of the conference program was published on October 31, 2014, so will not contain any updates or changes made following this date.

Conference Program

Large Font Program
Printed Version

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.05.04 PM

How to Navigate TASH’s Conference Website! Video